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“Social Connection by Subtraction”

“Social Connection by Subtraction”

Revolving door of experts complicate the truth around Social interaction. Or as I refer to it social connection. There is a true built in desire to connect in any relationship. What makes those connections real is removing the fluff. The very thing that tickles the ear. It may look fantastic on the surface but underneath there’s no root. The belief is if there’s enough fluff many will buy into it. It’s the art of persuasion by giving the people what they want.In many cases giving them what they want is not what they need. Building a true connected relationship requires true transparency without the fluff. The fluff is what may hold some for a while, it won’t maintain a grounded relationship for the future. The stability of the connection is built on sand and not a rock. Social connection requires subtraction of the fluff. Some people may want the fluff and live on the fluff. Yet when your connections are built on fluff so too will be everything else. Your business, ministry, relationship or anything else requiring connection won’t last. The foundation isn’t strong enough to sustain long term. Be connected and see the value in all your relationships increase. Do your homework see truly what people need and watch ALL your relationships GROW.

photo: by Stuart Miles freeditgitalphotos.net

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